Hello world!

Hi everyone! This is the first of my blogs — I guess there isn’t much to do but to send out a couple of pleasantries to all my would be readers. What to expect? Not much but just a lot of updates from my regular encounters both on business and personal time.

To get this rolling, I was wondering if most of you have heard of a dual sim mobile phone? I’m sure when they say “dual sim” you think it’s China. Well I wont blame you, most of the dual sim phone currently out in the Philippine market are manufactured in China, some of it good and bad when it comes to quality and user interface. Having a background in Telco during the rise of analog and GSM technologies only made me a bit of a critic when it comes to mobile phones — but promise, I’ll hold back.

One of the dual sim mobile phones I’ve seen and will soon hit the Philippine Market is Imobile TV56 536 — a mobile phone built to entertain you via it’s TV air reception, dual sim capability and triband plus a pretty neat camera to capture your precious moments.  There’s also imobile hitz222 to choose from. These may be the newest addition to the dual sim phones soon, good luck to to imobile peeps!

Will post some pictures and some detailed critiquing re imobile TV56 536 and Hitz222. In the meantime check out the website http://www.i-mobilephone.com/form/tha/F_MobilePhone.aspx

All the best!


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