My annual pilgrimage to hell..Only in Phil Gov’t agencies!

It’s cliche when I say “change is constant”, true enough its the only expression that is overused that its meaning bends within Philippine administrative setting. I haven’t actually experienced true “Hell” in essence but I’m sure the people working there enjoyed their working environment.

My recent transactions within RD, BIR and Pag-Ibig only proved two points, 1. Change is constant — you deal with new management and policies aimed to serve you better, but 2.  you still deal with new management under the table. I’m wondering now if I contribute to that problem, that adhering to the policies and abiding by management stringent paper work within a short time frame complicate things. Bad practice never change only the amount you deal under the table.

This is the part I whimper. I actually dislike comparisons but within this context I should.  I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a Filjin (Filipina-Japanese national) to absorb that frustration I felt and quickly enough she responded  with angst and candid exasperation (talk about extremes). In Japan, this how they do it.. Line up for a vacancy amongst a row of processor, submit complete requirements, pay and voila you’re off to enjoy a cup of tea!

Not in the Philippines… Get a number, sit on a musical chair lined up to a waiting officer of the day. Once my turn and upon  submission of  documents plus the involved amount, the OIC of CG computations mumbled…”hati tayo” (let’s share). What he meant was, he can accept and process payment for me to save but he gets a half of the declared lower CG computation. WOW! AMAZING! SIMPLE and STRAIGHT to the POINT! That’s one example of a dedicated government employee! In return, I have to wait for 5 working days for my CAR to be released…wait isn’t that the standard processing time?  Oh no, it’s just press release he said — 2 weeks for a release of CAR (BIR Clearance as a prerequisite in RD). I’m sure you’re curious how much this guy would get by under declaring my property…17K for less than a 30 minute babble. So did I go for it? Call me whatever you like ’cause I did. Imagining myself going back and forth into that building and waiting for a minimum of 2 weeks with all uncertainties ahead was unacceptable. I had to grab that offer. I couldn’t risk missing the deadline Pag-Ibig gave for me to comply to get my money.

So I placed my life savings to that guys’ babbling, I just hope he comes thru if not I’m through. Would you do the same thing?


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