Survival swimming in the office.

Today is my rest day from training, no bike, run or swim, just a regular day in the office pondering on what adrenalin pumping substitutes I could concoct. Quite timely since I’d be moving to another office soon, planning, organizing and preparing necessary items for a smooth transition.

A toxic day definitely needs a quick blog reprieve, just like catching my breath before plunging in a 50 meter pool. Its a good thing I nearly perfected my water breathing exercises through rhythmical dips. Without it and while doing a non stop 20 minute lap swim, I would have drank half the pools water and drown, good thing there’s also another option — stop and thread swim. Just like in the office, if you’re swimming through a series of deadlines and presentations, take this tip, embrace the fact that you need to go under water. So don’t panic when you take the plunge, work with the pressure, breathing comes next after a dip, just keep it constant and you’ll be surprised you’re at the end of the pool.


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