Yamaha Force 1 or Crypton’s Evolution

Yamaha Force 1 or Crypton's Evolution

Hi guys, its been awhile since my last post, as I’ve been pursuing some missed interest and hobbies such as in the field of modification. Let me share one of them.

Its aptly to say that the involvement goes deep, perhaps rich with history, as my first moped was bought last 1995 through my small earnings in Globe Telecom as a sales assistant. Why a motorcycle and not a car? Travel time and weekend out of town trips! It was simply a practical way for me to meet work run arounds (all over the Manila) during the weekdays and leisurely drive on weekends with friends. It was life of a start up bachelor set in motion. No easy-fancy hand-me-down but hard self earned machine, a Yamaha Force1 110cc with semi automatic transmission. It was first of its kind, a hybrid motorcyle/scooter, though automatic it still had forceful acceleration as they fittingly called it Force 1. As the months progressed, Crypton came out with better flarings but with the same engine. Eventually our romance ended abruptly as I was now required to drive a four wheel by the company. I ended up selling it to a friend and saw it deteriorate due to bad maintenance and freak accident that soon happened.

So here I come after 17 years reminiscing of that unforgettable bike now forlorn but ready for a chance to make up, reinvent, to ride again 🙂

Then came a rusted, barely running Yamaha Crypton and some backyard mod contacts who loved to tinker while having a good sense of expense or strong financial acumen. Usually the price of Crypton today ranges from 18-20K if these are good ones. However the condition of this project is barely over the price of junked metal sold in kilos. So I looked up my friends, agreed on restoration and modification expense and gave it time. The process is that engine block will be used, an additional 15K “estimate” to buy new chassis, front and rear suspension, wheels, disc brakes and flarings. How will it end up? The evolution of Crypton 110cc to TTR-110, the Yamaha’s powerful Pit Bike. This usually sells between 40-50K, which is a fun and hopefully new toy for circuit enthusiasts.

This is how it looks to date and the evolution its taking:) Will post the final machine once done. Wish me luck and hopefully I get to sell it higher as the objective is to sell it as a pit bike.

Here’s a vid to better see its use and fun it brings! http://youtu.be/5rgxKCNIsjw


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