iblog ang mundo

iblog ang mundo

Reblogged from iblog ang mundo. Great articles/blogs! Know Filipinos, our culture and humor. Enjoy 🙂

Welcome to Englog. Reporters of the oddities of the Philippine way of life, we investigate the things that make you tilt your head like a dog (before the dog finds out you want to give it dog clothes). Using the internet trustfully and the ‘ask-older-people’ tactic, we exist to reveal the beginnings of proverb-status sayings (e.g. sa panahon ni mahoma), unidentified complying objects (e.g. tasty bread), and things we Filipinos do without anything remotely close to them in the entire world.

Are we credible sources? Neither is Wikipedia some say. We are history, creative riding, philosophy, food-ang-ina, anthropology, and linguistics majors who discuss these things over Red Horse, nineties dreaming, and million-peso puns.Ito ang tama.


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